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Advanced Professional galleon
  • 4 GB of Space
  • 40 GB Transf. /mes
  • Multi Domain
  • More info
From 8,95
€ /mes
Professional galleon Company
  • 8 GB of Space
  • 80 GB Transf. /mes
  • Multi Domain
  • More info
From 13,95
€ /mes

With 500 Plantillas. You do not have to be an expert to construct your Web!
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Prove it during a month and if you are not satisfied we give back the money to you without questions.
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cases of success

“ the panel of the control is most complete than I have seen… ” More
Simple Easy Fs


Dispodrás of the highest quality of connectivity and guarantee of operation.

anti-virus and antiSpam

Your mail will be protected of virus and post office nonwished.

44 applications free

It includes in your Web the applications that prevail in Internet: Forums, Blogs, managers of contents ….


You will administer your newspaper in line and you will be able to create an interactive community with WordPress, B2Evolution…


General characteristics

General typical of the hiring of a hosting Web
1 - What includes my hosting more Web?
In order to consult detailed information of each plan of hosting that we offer, you can consult our comparative table
2 - How I can lodge several domains in the same hosting Web?
In order to have several domains lodged in our servers, you must contract to a package with service multidomain. At the moment the packages Advanced and Company are multidomain.
3 - In my computer work with Windows. Suppose some problem can the hosting with Linux?
There is no problem. The operating system of the servant does not have anything to do with which you are going to use in your computer.
4 - How many can subdomains have each domain?
All our plans offer a limitless number of subdomains.
5 - You have technical support the 24 hours? Even having a problem to 4 in the morning?
Our servers have technical support the 24 hours of the day. The attention to the client and its specific problems are taken care of in office schedule.
6 - It is possible to contract to the hosting Web without contracting domain?
At the moment, all our plans go independent as soon as hosting hiring Web and registry of domains. Nevertheless, to contract to the service of hosting Web without domain, you must have an own domain.
7 - You have scripts settled as Coppermine, or does each user have to raise them by itself?
Thanks to our Control Panel Plesk, you will be able to have very simple way of the best settled applications.
8 - I already have a domain I can contract to services of hosting Web without buying a domain?
Without problems. You can have the domain in another company and the hosting Web with us. You would only have to change your DNS by which we indicate to you.
9 - Allowed the pornographic, erotic is content or for adults?
There is no restriction on the hosting of pages with this content, but the illegal content is not allowed, as child pornography etc.
10 - Where I can find contents with technical assistance?
In the section of help of the Control Panel you have one complete compilation of tutorial to facilitate the handling of all the tools. This help will solve any problem that considers when using our service.
11 - What Difference Is between PgeSystems and Professional PgeSystems?
- In Professional PgeSystems you will work directly with a domain name, for example, instead of the direction (although you will continue conserving your direction of PgeSystems). If you do not have domain you can contract it at the same time as Professional PgeSystems.

- In all the packages of the service of hosting Web of Professional PgeSystems it is possible to be programmed with languages PHP, Perl and ASP, as well as to be used data bases MySQL.

- In Professional PgeSystems you will have limitless subdomains and accounts of associated mail to your domain, as for example

- You are going to have more than 40 applications as forums, albums of photos, books of visits, blogs or the popular managers of contents.

- In addition you will have a Guarantee of 30 days with return of your money if you are not satisfied.


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