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Search engine optimization

A series of advice so that your Web well is positioned in the main finders


“My Web does not appear in Google” is surely one of the most habitual consultations of our clients. There is a series of basic aspects that serve as starting point to try to obtain that your Web appears and well is positioned in the main finders as Google. Although the number of action to realise is very ample, we can briefly name and describe some of them:

1-Think about the key words with which you want to position your Web in the Network. You must concentrate in the words with which you want to identify your Web in Internet, those that agree with the thematic one of the Web and which they can look for your objective public in Google or any other finder.

It uses these key words in the unique titles (title) in different the URL's, metatags and contained that composes your webpage. Ten in account that each page of your Web is a business card for the finder. It must have a density of key words throughout the contents, although with moderation. The key words must appear at the outset as much as at the end of the page.

“ anchor text ” also is something to value. “ anchor text ” or word that conforms the connection has a great power at the time of positioning your page on the part of the finders. You must have it in account and to use the text of the connections to emphasize the key words that interest to you.

It is possible to realise all this of a simple way using a manager of contents as Wordpress or Joomla.

2-Date from discharge in directories, important guides and finders as Dmoz, Guía HispaVista or Google. Although there are lost importance, the directories still serve to secure connections or so that the finders make a first tracking of your Web.

3-Look for other Webs in which you can insert a connection to your Web. If possible the pages in which to insert your connections they must have a minimum PageRank of 1 or 2. In order to obtain it you must contact through the Web with users and professionals interested in our work, our company, products etc. It investigates, it values if the page that you have found is from your interest and in positive case, solicits to insert your connection in her. In this point you must also consider the importance of “ anchor text ”. Indifferently of the connection that follows, the text of “ anchor text ” has a great force to position your Web. For that reason it is important that if you include a connection in a Web this one owns the keywords that interest to you.

It is necessary that you realise an important search of resources of this type through the network. An arduous work can be, but it is worth the trouble.

In this sense, it is important that you do not let yourself seduce by programs that insert your Web in directories of automatic way….If it beams you run the risk of falling in lists of Spam and being penalized by finders as Google or Yahoo.

4-Create and frequently raises new content in your webpage. Worry to you that content is of interest for the usuary potentials of your Web. The contents can be as much photos or videos as recommendations and analysis of products, the news, agenda of events etc.

At the moment it is relatively easy and comfortable to do it thanks to the managers of contents used in the creation from the Webs. These actions, in addition to improving your positioning, will improve the commercial quality of your Web and they will do it more attractive.

5-Inserted in your Web the tools of Webmaster de Google and begins to make a detailed analysis of your Web through them. Doing it you will be able to understand better the flows of traffic of your Web, the tendencies and behavior of the users etc. You can find the tools in
It also analyzes the statistics of your servant.

6-Connect internally the pages of your website of way clear ordinate and. For example, something as simple as sitemap will allow the finder to explore the different sections from site of a way ordinate, which will improve its visibility.

7-Regístrate and participates in forums related to the activity of your webpage. To participate in forums of an intelligent way can help to the promotion of your Web by means of connected commentaries your Web, references etc. Related to this point, also you can use the emergent social networks as Twitter or Facebook (and so many others) to harness the traffic to your website.

8-Do an accessible page or uses a good tool of design Web, as the managers of contents Joomla or Wordpress. He is advisable that you limit the use of objects with flash, Javascript etc…

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