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Guide of the nascent one

Main doubts of the user Nobel
1 - What is hosting or hosting Web?
The hosting Web (in English Web hosting) is the service that provides the users with Internet, a system to be able to store information, images, video, or any accessible content via Web. The Web Host is companies that provide space of a servant to their clients.
2 - What is a domain?
Name in property that has a company to operate in the network. A domain name is a name base that groups to a set of equipment or devices and that allows to provide names of equipment more easily memorable instead of a numerical direction IP.
Example of domain name:
3 - What difference has between a .com domain, .es or .info?
The domains that you can contract in HispaVista Domains are of the following types:
.com: Initially used by the commercial companies. At the moment it is the used domain more in the Network.
.net: At first thought for companies of services of Internet.
.org: Used mainly by organizations.
.info: Thought for Webs of informative character whose contents deal with on the own activities site.
.es: Located in Spain, they are only possible to be contracted by a year.
4 - What are the alternative domains?
In addition to having a domain for my webpage, we can have more domains than they redirect main domain.

Next I present some recommendations to you to choose your alternative domains, starting off of which for example our main domain is

- Contract equal domains to yours with different extensions, for example, or, of this form you avoid that it can use them your competition.

- The USA names of domain related to the thematic one of your webpage, for example, or
5 - What I can make if the domain that I want this occupied?
If the name that you want for your domain is occupied, for example, fixes to you if,,, etc. are free. If all these are occupied you will have search another name for your domain.
6 - How I can know if a domain is free?
You can use our finder to verify what domains are available. You must introduce the name of the domain without extension and only beat in the button “to verify availability”.
7 - Where my is webpage physically?
Professional galleon has space in the Internet Data Center better connected of Europe. Our Data Center this equipped with the best conditions to locate connected systems to Internet and services of hosting Web. It has the highest quality of connectivity and guarantees of operation.

These are their main characteristics:

# Room equipped for IDC.
# technical Suelo.
# 2 units of three-phase SAI.
# 2 Generator sets by fuel.
# 2 Systems of air conditioning. Temperature 22ºC and humidity 50%.
# Control of accesses.
# System of detection and fire extinguishing.
# Connection to 2 optical fiber ring.
# Monitoring 24 hours.
# Monitoring of systems 24/7.
# Space equipped for more than 2,000 servers.

Our Data Center is managed by personnel of engineering in Telecommunications and Systems that support the correct operation all the Services. Additionally and given our strict policy of quality, all the systems are supervised by daily tasks of maintenance that allow to have the systems always available.
8 - My domain is registered in another company, What I can do?
You can transfer it to HispaVista, for it you only must only ask for a domain transference to us before this one expires and will have to pay the price of the renovation of the domain.
Thus, if your expired domain in December of 2007 and you transfer it to HispaVista Domains, this one would win in December of 2008.
The transference process usually lasts between one and two weeks (although there is no a certain term), reason why is recommendable to initiate it, as minimum, a month before the expiration date of the domain is fulfilled.


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