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Analysis of our competition

It is necessary to find out what makes our competition to appear in the first positions.

It is necessary to find out what makes our competition to appear in the first positions. If your page is indexed in Google and with your word or key phrase salts in position 88 you do not worry, it analyzes 5 pages between the 20 first sites, and other 3 that are behind you.

- Sight the popularity and the PageRank of these webpages and compares them with yours. Ten in account that you can have better density in a word, but your competition has major popularity, can get to leave in front of you.

- The density of the word or key phrase in all the parameters in which the finders pay attention, prominence and the number of words calculates that have the pages. Soon compare it with those of your webpage: title, puts-tag description, puts-tag keywords, holders, content of the page, labels ALT, I connect, URL and prominence. There is multitude of tools that calculate it to you, for example:

- Beam a pursuit table. It points all the results of the pages that you have analyzed, along with yours, and analyzes because the pages that are superficially and below you are there.

- It compares all the data of the table and of this form you will find out that you must make to improve positions, looks for the optimal percentage of density in the different parameters.

- You do not try to improve all the parameters of blow, chooses most important. Once you have thought the improvement, writes down it in the table, you do it effective and measures the results. Of this form you will be seeing as they improve your ranking and as they even make worse it.
Ten in account that stops to see the results, the finder has had to index the changes realised in your webpage. A form simple to know is introducing it in the text of the webpage some word that before was not. Following with previous examples, if this new word is “ carnations ” and our site is, the form search it in Google, Yahoo and in MSN would be:
site: carnations


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