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Popularity of our page and PageRank

The popularity of a webpage is the number of sites that a connection has towards our webpage

The popularity of a webpage is the number of sites that a connection has towards our webpage, in addition, some finders value better if these sites than connect to us, as well are connected by other many.

The PageRank is the measurement system that uses Google to measure the popularity of a page. In order to know the PageRank that has your webpage, you can unload his bar.

For many finders, the popularity is one of the most important parameters at the time of showing results, is for that reason that we must make an effort to us in which another webmaster they put a connection towards our webpage.

It is not only important to be connected from other webpages, but these are very popular and are as well of the same thematic one that ours.

It dates from discharge in the Directories of Connections, costs a little to register but the results are really good to increase our popularity facing finders as Google, Yahoo or MSN, in addition to the own hearing that you will obtain through these directories. Most popular they are DMOZ, Yahoo and HispaVista, dates from discharge in the three: NOL

It verifies who has position a connection to the webpage of our competition, writes to them and solicits from them that they also connect to you. You can even propose an interchange to them of connections.


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