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To select to the words and phrases nails on which to center our efforts

Once we have selected the pages, it is necessary to assign to them some words or phrases it nails. We must think that these key words are those by which the users are going to arrive to our page.

Once we have selected the pages, it is necessary to assign to them some words or phrases. These key words will be those that employ the users in the finders to accede to a determined page of a thematic one.

We must concentrate in one few keyword and the words will have to be related to the thematic one of the page. Don't mention it serves to try to position the word “ to travel ” for our page of sale of screws, by many visits that can report to us.

In addition we will have to consider that stops certain words the competition can be ferocious. Probably it will have of thousand sites wanting to promote the word “ to travel ”, and a twenty of them will only be successful. If this it is our case we will have to decide on a chain of words, as for example, “ to travel to London ”, for which surely you will not have as much competition.

The tool that Overture (Yahoo) makes our available to know to the hearing of our words and phrases nails. This tool, in addition to giving the hearing us of a word, also shows the one to us of the phrases that take this word,


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