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Prominence is a value that occurs based on the situation of the key words within the text of a webpage.

Prominence is a value that occurs based on the situation or positioning of the key words within the content of a webpage. A keyword will have more placed better prominence whichever is within a page, and therefore greater importance will have the keyword.

This way, at the time of optimizing a webpage in finders a word placed in an outstanding place of the page is necessary to consider that (as the title or heading) more will be considered by the finders that a word placed in another place of the page. As well, a word placed at the home of a text you will have more prominence than one placed in the end or half of that same text.

Summarizing, a keyword it is more prominent when it appears within these elements:

- Title
- META description
- Keywords META: Aplabras key that we put in eiquetas META
- Headings
- Bolds, text of the connections, alt of the images etc…

In addition, the key words are more prominent the more at the home appear as much in the total content of a page as in a paragraph or phrase.


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