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The directions or URLs

The directions or URLs are the form to accede to each of our webpages in Internet

The directions or URL, s are the form to accede to each of our webpages in Internet. Normally the main page of our website has the name of the domain that we have chosen, but each page indexed in a finder, is a unique opportunity of which a user can find us, for that reason you must personalize each page for a group of words or phrases, and consider these words to choose the name of the file.

You must use short directions that contain the words or phrases nail. It avoids words that do not contribute anything, better to use a direction as “” in which we tried to promote the phrase “ sale of roses ”, that the direction, longer and than it is less going to be valued by the finders.
You do not use directions with parameters, the finders not always treat them well. Better to use directions of the type “” who a direction with parameters as


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