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Forming an Auto answer

Home of autorespondedor the auto answer or for when you are going to be absent

If you have predicted to go you of vacation and during your absence you will not be able to consult your mail you can leave a warning of absence by vacation that will be sent of automatic form to all the contacts that have sent you post office during your absence. This is possible thanks to the facility of auto answer, also denominated autorespondedor. Aside from the warnings by vacation, the organizations can use these auto answers to notify to their clients about realised requests of support or products, being confirmed to them the reception of these requests and informing to them that they will process themselves as rapidly as possible. The auto answers can include text messages or in format HTML and they also can contain attached archives.

In order to form an auto answer for a mail mailbox:

  1. In your page of home you click in the icon Mail.
  2. Beam click in the email direction in which you wish to form an auto answer.
  3. Beam click in the Autorespondedores icon within the group Tools.
  4. If you are not going to enclose any file to the auto answer, it vetoes to step 5. If you wish to enclose a file to the auto answer:
    1. Beam click in the icon Attached Archives within the group Tools.
    2. Beam click in Examining to locate the file and once selected to beam click in Sending File.

      The file will be added to the warehouse of attached archives and you will be able to enclose this file to a great number of different auto answers.

    3. Once you have finalized beam click in Level Superior and follows the following step.
  5. Beam click in the icon To add to New Autorespondedor within the group Tools.
  6. It forms the auto answer:
    1. It introduces a name to denominate the auto answer in the square Name of the Autorespondedor.

      For example, ‘Warning of Vacation’.

    2. If you wish that the incoming mail is resent to another direction of email while you are outside, it indicates the email direction where you wish to receive it in the square When there is an activated auto answer, to resend the original message to the indicated direction of email.
    3. If you wish that the auto answer sends an answer to any incoming mail, in the group Conditions, always lets the option respond selected. If you wish that only the auto answer is sent to messages that contain certain words in the body of the message or the line of subject, it selects the wished option and it introduces the combination of words.
    4. By defect, the line subject of the incoming post office will be inserted in the auto answer. If you wish to use a customized subject, introduce it in the square of subject Answer.
    5. As the adressees of these answers cannot suppose that he is an auto answer, perhaps they wish to respond to its car-answer. Therefore you must indicate your direction of email as Direction of Return, since but the answer messages would be sent to the direction of the autorespondedor.
    6. It indicates the format of the message of auto answer (flat text or HTML) and the codification of the characters (we recommended UTF-8). If you use labels HTML in the message of your auto answer, you must select, option HTML.
    7. It introduces your message in the field To respond with Text.
    8. If you wish associate it archives. For it you click in the button, selects the square To add New Associate who corresponds with the file which previously you will have loaded to the warehouse of associates and click in OK. In order to eliminate an attached file of the auto answer, it selects the square that corresponds and you click in Eliminating Selected.
    9. In order to limit the number of auto answers per day the same direction of email, it introduces the number wished in the square Limits.

      The adjustment by defect is to respond until a maximum of ten times to the day to the same email address.

    10. In order to reduce the load of the mail servant you can limit the number of one way street that the autorespondedor must remember. For it, it introduces the number wished in the square To even store.
  7. Beam click in OK.
  8. Beam click in the icon To activate within the group Tools.


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