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The design

The more simple it is the design of your Web the more easily realised his work the finders

The more simple the finders are the designs the more easily realised their work. For that reason you must consider several things:

- It tries not to use technology Flash, Javascript or Frames in your webpage, some finders do not treat it well.

- You do not put the text within an image, the finders do not read these texts.

- If you use tables, they ten in account that the nested tables of complex form, can get to prevent to the finders.

- The finders index the contents in the order in which they appear the tables in the code of the page, it is very important to put the most excellent texts at the home of the page, since the finders give more importance these. Some also give importance to the texts that appear at the end of the pages.

- He tries that the code HTML is correct and that does not have labels without closing, the opposite would be to introduce ties to the finder and that even leaves your page.


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