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Installing Subdominios

To install subdomains within your domain

In order to install a subdomain:

  1. In your page of home, you click in the Subdominios icon.
  2. Beam click in the icon To add New Subdominio.
  3. It introduces the name of the subdomain.

    It can be, for example, a subject of your site, a department of the organization or any combination of letters, numbers or scripts (until a maximum of 63 characters). The name of the subdomain must begin with a character of the alphabet. The subdomain names are not sensible to capital letters.

  4. If this subdomain will lodge a part of your website that you wish to manage you yourself, it leaves selected the option To use the account of usuary FTP of the paternal domain. If this subdomain lodges a separated website that belongs or is managed on the other person, selects the option To create a separated account of user for this subdomain and indicates the name of user and used password to accede to the space Web through FTP and to publish the content of the website.
  5. If this subdomain required safe transactions, it selects to the square Support of SSL.

    Then certificate SSL installed in the domain father will be used for encryption transactions. By defect, when you publish a site, you must load the content Web that must be accessible through safe connections in the directory httpsdocs and the content that must be accessible through flat HTTP to the directory httpdocs. If he is more comfortable to you, you can choose to publish all the contents through an only location – the directory httpdocs. For it, it selects the option To use an only directory to lodge content SSL and nonSSL.

  6. It indicates the programming languages in which your website has been developed.

    If it does not indicate them, perhaps your website does not work correctly. For example, if your website is written mainly in ASP and uses some applications written in PHP, as those of the Application Vault, selects to the squares Support of ASP and Support of PHP.

  7. If you wish to limit the amount of disc space that can occupy the content Web under this subdomain, bites within the square introduces the value wished in mega Quota of Hard disk.

    When one exceeds this limit you will not be able to add to archives to the space Web and the edition of existing archives can corrupt them.

  8. In order to finalize the installation you click in OK.

    They can happen up to 48 hours until the information of the new subdomain propagates in the DNS and is available for the users of Internet.

In order to publish content Web in the space Web of the subdomain, it follows the indications that are in the section Publishing their Site.


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