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Hiring of my hosting Web

Procedure of hiring of a hosting Web
1 - Which is the procedure to contract to a hosting Web?
1. - It enters
2. - The plan selects that adapts more to your needs.
3. - The button beats “to contract”.
4. - If already you have a domain, she writes. If you do not have it, it uses the finder to find a domain name that is free.
2 - How long they take in activating an account?
Once realised the order, the time in which we will discharge from the hospital your plan will depend on the chosen modality of payment:

- In the case of payment with card, the discharge is immediate and of automatic form.
- In the case of payment by means of banking transference, the discharge usually is delayed enters 1 and 2 working days from the moment in which you realise the payment. The exact time will depend on your financial organization and the rapidity in making us arrive the payment. In case of international transference the term can be delayed some days more.
- In case of payment by means of debit, the service will activate at the most between 1 or 2 working days.
3 - I want to transfer my page. How I do it?
We recommended to you to begin to make the “change” of your webpage before it expires so that you do not lose any day post office and your Web is not “fallen”.

These are the steps to follow that we recommended to you:

- It registers the new plan of hosting Web
- It creates the same accounts of mail that in the other supplier
- The webpage raises
- During the night you do the change of DNS, so that the DNS propagate correctly, and if possible the day that you have less use (normally the week ends).
- Once realised this, you do the transfer of the domain, that we recommended to you that it is not to less than 30 days of its expiration date, since in that case the transfer can be complicated.
4 - What forms of payment are accepted?
The payment can be realised by:

- Card
- Paypal
- Banking transference
- Domiciliation
5 - What to do if it appears to me a message of error when trying to pay with credit card?
First of all, you must have present that, when this happens, means that the payment has not been realised correctly. Therefore, the hiring of the service has not taken to end.

Assure to you that you have introduced the data of your credit card correctly, in question of one of the cards that we admitted (Visa, Mastercard and Eurocard) and of which it is not expired.

If one is not any of these assumptions, most probable it is than your bank is asking for additional data aside from your card number, as your code for electronic transactions for example… This is due to that, by reasons for security, many banks demand their clients to use a key determined at the time of making payments through Internet.

In order to solve this problem, you must in touch put with the bank or Savings bank to you that has emitted your card to ask for these data to them. With them, you will be able to realise the payment and the hiring of the service without problems.

In case the problem persists, you can decide on the payment by means of Banking Transference or Domiciliation.
6 - Guaranteed is the security of my data?
The form of hiring of Professional PgeSystems is under safe servant (which you will be able to state when verifying the direction that appears in your navigator, that it is of the type “https://”) and the data that you provide to us will be encriptados to guarantee that nobody can accede to them.

The security of the payments in the purchase of the services of hosting Web of Professional PgeSystems is certified by GoDaddy, one of the companies leaders in the area of certification of the protection of data in Internet.
7 - I can contract Professional PgeSystems and maintain the registry of my domain with another recorder?
By all means. He is enough with which in the first step of the process of hiring of any plan of Professional PgeSystems, in the section “Marquess CHOOSES DOMAIN” the option “Already I have an own domain” and you indicate which is.
8 - What I must make to transfer my domain to your service?
In order to transfer your domain to us from your recorder, you will have to transfer it to HispaVista Domains. For it, it beats here and you will unload a document in Word format the instructions precise to do it.
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