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Installing Applications

It adds to benefits to your website installing different applications

In order to fortify your website with value benefits, as books of guests, forums, accountants, galleries of photos and solutions e-commerce, you can install the necessary applications from the Application Vault de Plesk (Home > Application Vault). The number and the variety of applications vary based on the policy of your supplier and your plan of hosting.

In order to install an application in your site:

  1. In your page of home, you click in the icon Application Vault within the group Hosting.

    Will be to you a list of applications installed in its site.

  2. Beam click in the icon To add to New Application within the group Tools.

    Will be to you a list of applications of site available to install.

  3. In order to indicate the site where you wish to install or to unfold an application, select it in the drop-down square Domain of Destiny, located in the right corner superior of the screen.
  4. In order to indicate the application that you wish to install, it selects the square corresponding to the application.
  5. Beam click in <>>Instalar
  6. It indicates if you wish to create a hyperbond in the interface of the application and to locate it in the Control Panel of its page of home.
  7. It indicates the preferences of installation and any other necessary information for the application at issue (the requirements can vary) and you click in OK when it has finished.
  8. If you have decided to create a button of hyperbond within your Control Panel Plesk, it indicates his properties:
    • It introduces the text to show in the square of Label of the button.
    • It selects the location of this button. In order within the framework to locate it straight of your page of home, it selects to the value Page of Administration of the Domain as location. In order to locate it within the framework left (navigation panel) of your Control Panel, it selects to the value Panel of Navigation.
    • It indicates the priority of the button. Plesk will organize the customized bellboys of your Control Panel in agreement with the priority who you define: to lower number – more priority. The Bellboys are placed in sequence of left to right.
    • In order to use an image as button bottom, he introduces the route to his location or you click in Examining search the file. In order to locate a button in the Control Panel we recommended that you use an image GIF or JPEG of 16x16 pixels, if you wish to locate it within the framework main must be an image GIF or JPEG of 32x32 pixels GIF or JPEG.
    • He introduces the hyperbond to enclose within Square URL.
    • Using the squares, he indicates if he wishes to include data as you go of the domain or names of the domain and or to the URL. These data can be used to process external applications Web.
    • In the entered field Contained of recommendations of help by context it introduces the recommendation that you wish that is when to pass the mouse over the button.
    • If you wish that the URL of destiny of the right of the Control Panel is opened within the framework, it selects the square To open URL in the Control Panel. On the contrary it leaves this square without marking and the URL will be opened in a window aside from the navigator.
    • If you wish that the button is visible for the users of email with access to the Control Panel, it marks to the <>>Visible square for all the sub-logins
    • Beam click in Accepting to complete the creation.

Now the application is installed and you can introduce it in the webpages of your site, for example, in your page of home. If not it beams, you and your users will have to introduce the URL to accede to this application, that can be too long to remember.

In order to accede to the interface Web of an application, you can:

  • In his navigator, it introduces the URL. For example:
  • It goes to Home > Application Vault and clicks in the icon , corresponding to the application.
  • If, during the installation of an application, you wish to add a button of hyperbond to its Control Panel Plesk, in its page of home clicks in the respective button within the group Customized Bellboys or in the panel of navigation.

If you wish to reshape an application or to modify the password of your administrator, it goes to Home > Application Vault and clicks in the icon , corresponding to the application.

If you wish to desinstalar an application vetoes at Home > Application Vault and selects the square corresponding to the application that wishes to desinstalar. Beam click in To eliminate the selected icon.Eliminating Selected. One will desinstalará the application and its data bases of the servant.


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