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Obtaining and Installing Certificates SSL of other Certificate authorities

To obtain and to install Certificates SSL of other Certificate authorities to protect your website

In order to protect your site with a certificate SSL of other certificate authorities:

  1. It vetoes to Certificates and you click in Adding New Certificate.
  2. It indicates the properties of the certificate:
    • Name of the certificate. This it will help you to identify this certificate in repositorio.
    • Level of Encryption. It chooses the level of encryption for your certificate SSL. We recommended you that you choose a value superior to 1024 bits.
    • It indicates its location and the name of the organization. The introduced values do not have to exceed the 64 allowed symbols.
    • It indicates the domain name for which you have acquired certificate SSL. It must be a name of completely qualified domain. Example:
    • It introduces the direction of email of the domain administrator.
  3. Assure to you that all the information that you have provided is correct since will be used to generate your private key. Beam click in Soliciing.

    Your private key will be generated as well as your signed certificate request and will keep in repositorio.

  4. Beam click in , descargua the signed certificate request file (CSR) and keeps it in your machine.
  5. Once unloaded open it with a text editor, copies the text between lines -----BEGIN CERTIFIES REQUEST TO YOU----- and -----END CERTIFIES REQUEST TO YOU----- to the notepad.
  6. With your preferred software of mail client it creates a new message of email and copies it from the notepad.
  7. It sends this message to the Certificate authority, who will create a certificate SSL in agreement with the information that you have provided to him.
  8. When you receive certificate SSL keeps it in its network or local machine.
  9. It returns to repositorio of Certificates SSL (Home > Certificates).
  10. Beam click in the button To examine of means of the page and navegua until the location of the kept certificate.
  11. Select it and you click in Sending File.

    This will load and install the certificate against the corresponding private key.

  12. It returns to the home page and you click in Forming within the group Hosting.
  13. Within the drop-down square Certificate selects certificate SSL that you wish to install.

    If there is no drop-down square with the Certificado name in the screen, it will mean that it has an account of shared hosting, reason why you will have to update your package of hosting and to acquire a direction IP dedicated on the part of your supplier of hosting.

  14. It marks to the square Support SSL and you click in OK.


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