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Advanced Professional galleon
  • 4 GB of Space
  • 40 GB Transf. /mes
  • Multi Domain
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From 8,95
€ /mes
Professional galleon Company
  • 8 GB of Space
  • 80 GB Transf. /mes
  • Multi Domain
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From 13,95
€ /mes

With 500 Plantillas. You do not have to be an expert to construct your Web!
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Prove it during a month and if you are not satisfied we give back the money to you without questions.
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cases of success

“ the panel of the control is most complete than I have seen… ” More
Simple Easy Fs


Dispodrás of the highest quality of connectivity and guarantee of operation.

anti-virus and antiSpam

Your mail will be protected of virus and post office nonwished.

44 applications free

It includes in your Web the applications that prevail in Internet: Forums, Blogs, managers of contents ….


You will administer your newspaper in line and you will be able to create an interactive community with WordPress, B2Evolution…

Web Hosting with Advanced Professional PgeSystems

For users with experience in the creation of webpages.

Advanced Professional galleon offers a service to you of hosting suitable Web for those who already owns certain experience creating webpages and needs more benefits for their page: more space, more data bases, major quota of transference…

Advanced Professional galleon is the hosting suitable Web for users with an upper middle level of knowledge on creation and administration of webpages. When you need more disc space or to install more applications, you will be able to pass without problems to a package superior to you. Plan company.

  • 2 GB of space Web
  • 20 GB of monthly transference
  • Limitless accounts of mail
  • 5 data bases MySQL
  • Guarantee of 30 days of return
  •  * Note: The prices do not include V.A.T.


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Basic characteristicses
Disc space (Megabyte) 2 GB
Volume of transference (GB/mes) 20 GB
Control Panel PLESK 9 in Spanish yes
Operating system of the servant Linux
Private area (management of invoices and contracted services) yes
Guarantee of 30 days of return of its money yes
Management of the site and its archives
Personalizable Control Panel yes
Accounts of access FTP Limitless
Number of lodged domains 5
Subdominios Limitless
Alias of domain Limitless
Detailed statistics of visits yes
Statistical bandwidth yes
Access to logs yes
Personalizables pages of error yes
Directories protected with password yes
Backup copies yes
Programmer of tasks yes
Services of mail
Accounts of mail Limitless
Redirections of mail Limitless
Answering machines Limitless
Servant SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 yes
Webmail yes
Filters to avoid mail nonwished (Anti Spam) yes
Anti-virus yes
Alias of mail Limitless
Groups of mail Limitless
Lists of mail with mailman no
Accounts atrapalotodo yes
Supported languages
PHP yes
Perl yes
Python yes
Basic Asp yes
Flash yes
SSI yes
Access to BBDD
Data bases 5
Data bases MySQL yes
Data bases PostgreSQL yes
Modification of tables of BBDD from the Control Panel yes
PhpMyAdmin yes
PGMyAdmin yes
Support to the user by means of tickets yes
Tutorial of help yes
Guarantee of 30 days of return of its money yes
Maintenance of the servers (24h, 365 days of the year) yes
Advanced Professional galleon
Quota of discharge FREE
Price 24 months (unique Payment) 214,8 € (8.95 € /mes) *
Price 12 months (unique Payment) 119,4 € (9.95 € /mes) *
Price 6 months (unique Payment) 65,7 € (10,95€/mes) *
Forms of payment: Card, Paypal and banking transference. to contract

 * Note: The prices do not include V.A.T.

Advice before contracting to your hosting Web in professional galleon

  • If you do not know the resources that you can need for your webpage (bandwidth, number of data bases, disc space…), we recommended to you to begin with the Basic Plan and then, if you need it, you will be able to pass you to a plan superior easily, paying only the difference.
  • You wish to install many applications (forums, blogs, lie down virtual…) in your Web? The majority of applications of Professional PgeSystems requires basic of data. If, from the home, you need to install several applications, we recommended to contract to the advanced plan that makes your available 5 data bases or the plan to you company that counts on limitless data bases.
  • Are sufficient 10 GB of volume of transference to the month? Of average a page Kb can weigh about 50. This means that with 10 GB (10,240 Megabyte) you will have capacity to support up to 200,000 seen pages to the month, that it is the traffic of a medium or great portal. As you can verify, from the basic package we offer a high volume to you of data transfer so that you forget the limitations by traffic Web.
  • It leaves more cheap to you if contracts the service by more time. The indicative prices do not include IVA.
  • You can ask for the hosting Web along with a new domain or using a domain yours already existing one, specifying it in the form of Discharge. The price of the domain (11,95€ + V.A.T.) is not including within the price of the package of Web Hosting.
It vetoes to our center of help

In case of doubt, you can visit our center of help, consult the most frequent questions related or to put to you with our commercial equipment in touch:

  • You have some consultation?

  • Contact us for any doubt or you consult and we will respond you to the greater brevity.
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