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It looks for Webs in which you can insert a connection to your Web

It looks for other Webs in which you can insert a connection to your Web

If possible, you must try that the pages in which to insert your connections they have a minimum PageRank of 1 or 2. In order to obtain it you must contact through the Web with users and professionals interested in our work, our company or products etc. It investigates, it values if the page that you have found is from your interest and in positive case, solicits to insert your connection in her. In this point, you must also consider the importance of “ anchor text ”. Indifferently of the connection that follows, the text of “ anchor text ” has a great force to position your Web. For that reason it is important that if you include a connection in a Web this one owns the keywords that interest to you.

It is necessary that you realise an important search of resources of this type through the network. An arduous work can be, but it is worth the trouble and you are going to obtain that your Web ends up having a better positioning.

In this sense, it is important that you do not let yourself seduce by programs that insert your Web in directories of automatic way….If it beams you run the risk of falling in lists of Spam and being penalized by finders as Google or Yahoo.


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