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It has the highest quality of connectivity and guarantee of operation.

You will be able to enjoy 44 applications including in all the plans.

You will administer your newspaper in line and you will be able to create an interactive community with WordPress, B2Evolution…

In few hours he constructs to a complete website or highly interactive portal with Mambo, Joomla…

It generates a community of users with PhpBB and SMF.

It sells by Internet with your own shopping cart.

On HispaVista: why to choose PgeSystems

By experience and reliability

Professional galleon belongs to the group HispaVista, a company of Internet founded on 1996, and that, with 2.5 million unique users every month, has become one of the visited portals more of Hispanic speech. The general portal HispaVista .com includes a supply leader in portals, channels and services.

The company has centered its activity in the creation and development of services, contents and initiatives in the scope of Internet. The servers of Hispavista give to service, among others, to, and occupying positions of leadership in their respective segments. Recently, the launching of the portal of video has placed to Hispavista between the leaders also in this sector.

Within the HispaVista group, we lodged more than 1.000.000 of personal webpages and we were in charge of the management of more than 6,500 domains.

If what you want it is to be safe of a who you trust your presence Internet, you must always make sure that your domain and your Web they are in the hands of a company strongly consolidated and with a suitable infrastructure.

Platform of hosting Web of high quality

Security. Several equipment fire-guards and a department specialized in security is in charge to protect the hosting surroundings shared Web.

Hardware of quality. HispaVista only works with suppliers of hardware of first level as they are Dell, Intel and Cisco. All our plans of hosting Web are established on servers of last technology: Servers Dell with processors Quad Core, 8 GB of ram memory and SCSI discs in RAID.

Management 24 hours x 365 days of the platform. Our platform of hosting is administered and watched over a qualified group of technicians. For it, we counted on an advanced system of monitoring that allows to detect any incidence us, the 24 hours of the day, every day of the week.

Datacenter. We have space in one of the Datacenters of Internet better connected of Europe. We contract this space directly, without intermediaries. Our Datacenter is equipped with the best conditions to locate connected systems to Internet and services of hosting Web.

Our Servers work with the more stable Operating system. An additional advantage is that our servers work under the Operating system Gnu/Linux, the most used as Servant in Internet by its great stability.

A Control Panel of easy use with than 40 applications more settled

With our service of hosting, you will have the last version of the Control Panel PLESK, that at the moment is recognized, powerful and simple to handle of the market, and by all means in Spanish. All the plans of hosting include 44 settled applications of last generation that will allow to construct and to maintain a professional site you with a few clicks.

Help with video-tutorial

You will learn to handle to your hosting Web of the fastest and simple way so that you can remove the maximum party to him. To see video-tutorial.

Guarantee of return of 30 days

As test of the reliability of our service of hosting Web Professional PgeSystems, if after a month of it to have contracted, you are not satisfied with the same, we give back your money to you without requesting explanations to you.

Backup copies

There are two backup copy types:

Your personal backup copy
From the Control Panel you will be able to do backup copies or backup that will allow you to recover your data at the moment in case you committed some error when administering your webpage.
Within these backup copies it is not including the Creator of SiteBuilder Webpages.

Our internal backup copy system
In parallel, we have a daily backup copy system that allows us to recover the data and to restore the service at the moment in case we had some failure in our machines.
Within this system if that is including the Creator of SiteBuilder Webpages.

Important note: In case of wanting to make use of our internal backup copy system, technician would invoice per hour/the time that took in locating and recovering its Web.
In the case of having to reclaim a webpage done with the SiteBuilder, we would free recover 1 backup copy by domain and natural month.

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