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Seeing statistical of your site

Applications to consult statistics on your website

If you wish to select the statistical program that you wish to use (Webalizer or AWStats):

  1. In your page of Home, you click in Forming.
  2. Within the menu Statistical Web selects the package that you wish (we recommended to use AWStats) and selects the accessible square through directory protected with /plesk-stat/ password.

    This will install the software of statistics selected, that will generate information and it will locate them in the directory protected with password. Then you will be able to accede to the statistics of the Web in the URL: using the name of user and the password of its account FTP.

  3. Beam click in OK.

Plesk statistics
Note: When you change of statistical package, all the information generated previously are eliminated of the servant.

In order to know to the disc space and bandwidth used in your site, it consults the rows Space of disc and Traffic in the table located in the part inferior of your Page of Home.

In order to know how many people have visited your site, of what countries and what pages have visited:

  1. Beam click in the icon Information within the group Domain.
  2. It sees the statistics of the webpages or the archives unloaded or loaded in specific areas of your site:
    • In order to see the statistics of the webpages transferred from your site using the transfer protocol of hypertext (HTTP), you click in Statistics Web.
    • In order to see the statistics of the webpages transferred from your site using the safe protocol of hypertext transference (HTTPS), you click in Statistics Web SSL.
    • In order to see statistics of transferred archives using the file transfer protocol (FTP), you click in Statistics FTP.
    • In order to see statistics of the archives transferred via anonymous FTP, you click in Statistics FTP Anon.
    • In order to see the monthly use of the bandwidth you click File of Traffic.
    • In order to see the use of the bandwidth of the FTP, and the services of mail and Web of this domain, you click in Traffic.

      Note: If you use the statistical package Webalizer in his account, you can personalize the graphical information. For more information it consults the section Fitting the Preferences of Presentation of the Statistics Web of Webalizer.

Of alternative form, you can see the statistics of a site visiting the following URL: When the name of user and the password is requested to you, it indicates the credentials of your account FTP.

Operations common in information:

  • In order to obtain more details Report selects to the option Complete Report of the pull-down menu.
  • In order to modify the amount of information presented in a report, you click in Personalizing and it changes a group of existing report or (for it you click in the name of the group) or creates a new group of report (for it you click in Adding New Presentation). Next, it indicates the amount of information that wishes in each one of the sections of the report: it selects No if it does not wish any information, selects Summary if you wish a general view or selects Complete if you wish a detailed report. It selects the square To use as it informs by defect and you click in OK. In order to eliminate a customized presentation of report, it selects the square corresponding to the name of the presentation and you click in To eliminate the selected icon.Eliminating Selected.
  • In order to print the report it clicks in Printing. The report in a window aside from the navigator will be opened. In order to print the report > Imprimir of the menu of the navigator selects to the option File.
  • In order to send the report by email it introduces the direction of email of the adressee in the square located to the right of the group Information and you click in Sending by Email. If you are the adressee, you will not have to indicate the email direction: the system assumes by defect that you are the adressee of the report and indicates your direction of email registered in your account of Control Panel.
  • So that the information are generated and they are sent of automatic form daily, weekly or monthly, you click in Delivery of Information and follows the detailed indications in the section Automating the Generation and Entrega by Email.

In this section:

Fitting to Preferences for the Presentation of Statistics Web of Webalizer

Automating the Generation of Information and its Entrega by Email

Seeing Archives Log and Configurando the Recycling of Log Archives


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