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Reviewing your Package of Hosting

It reviews and it reviews the benefits of your package of hosting

In order to review or to select the benefits of hosting available for your account (if your supplier has authorized you leave to manage the options of hosting of your account):

  1. In your page of home, you click in Configuration.
  2. To see or to change the options of your hosting:
    • Direction IP. Your domain can lodge in a shared exclusive direction IP or in one. It chooses a direction of the shown ones in the inventory of directions IP of your supplier of services.
    • Certificate. It shows certificate SSL used by your site.

    • Configuration

    • Support SSL. The Secure Sockets Layer encryption normally is used to protect the sensible data transfer during the transactions online in lodged websites e-commerce in dedicated directions IP. The certificates SSL that normally take part in the process from encryption are applied only to an only name of domain in an only direction IP, reason why each site that needs protection SSL must lodge in a dedicated direction IP. An exception of this is the subdomains, that can protect with certificates wildcard. You can install a certificate SSL in a Web server that lodges numerous websites with different names from domain in an only direction IP (hosting shared or based on names), although we did not recommend it to you: the encryption will be available but the users will receive warnings when they try to connect with the safe site. In order to allow encryption SSL for websites, he selects to the square Support SSL.
    • The USA an only directory to lodge content SSL and nonSSL. By defect, when the users publish their sites with their accounts FTP, they need to load the content Web through safe connections to the directory httpsdocs and to load the content that must be accessible through flat HTTP to the directory httpdocs. In order to publish all the content in an only location – in the directory httpdocs, selects the square To use an only directory to lodge content SSL and nonSSL.

    • Configuration

    • Name of usuary FTP and Password FTP. It indicates the name of user and password that will be used to publish the site in the servant through FTP. The password in the square reintroduces To confirm Password.

    • Configuration

    • Quota of hard disk Indicates the amount of disc space in mega bites assigned to the space Web for this site. This is the denominated hard quota, that will not allow to write more archives in the space Web once has exceeded the limit. If the users try to write archives, they will receive the Lacking message of error “of Disc Space”. The hard quotas in the operating system of the servant must activate, reason why if it sees the warning “does not support to the hard quota of the disc” to the right of the field Hard disk but you wish to use hard quotas, it contacts with your supplier or administrator of the servant and asks to him that it activates the hard quotas to you.
    • Access shell to the servant with credentials FTP of the user. This allows you to load content safely Web to the servant through a connection Secure Socket Shell, although it must consider that the access shell supposes an increase of the risk of the security of the servant, reason why we recommended to you that you do not allow the access shell. It leaves the Prohibited option selected.
    • Support of Frontpage. Microsoft Frontpage is a popular publication tool of websites. If you wish that the users can publish and modify their sites through Microsoft Frontpage, he selects to the squares Support of Frontpage and Support of Frontpage to over SSL, beam that the option Publication with Frontpage is allowed and indicates the Name of user of the Administrator of Frontpage and its password.
    • Support of languages of scripting and programming supported by its surroundings of hosting. It indicates which of the following languages of scripting and programming must be interpreted, process be executed or to be by the Web server: Active Server Pages (ASP), Server Side Includes (SSI), preprocessor of hypertext PHP (PHP), Common Gateway Interface (cgi), Fast Common Gateway Interface (FastCGI), Perl, Python, ColdFusion and scripting essential Miva for the solutions ecommerce Miva.
    • Statistics Web. In order to be able to see the information about the number of visits of the site as well as of the visited pages of his site, it selects to program required in the menu Statistical Web (we recommended AWStats) and selects the accessible square through directory with /plesk-stat/ password. This will cause that the software of statistics settles, that will generate information and it will keep them in the directory protected with password. Then you will be able to accede to the statistics of the Web in the URL: using the name of user and the password of your account FTP.


      Note: When you change from a program to another one, all the information created by the program used previously are eliminated and new information in agreement with the information read from the archives are created log of the servant. This means that if you have formed the system (in Administrator of Logs > Rotation of Logs) so that log of the last month only maintains the archives, they will only be available the statistics Web of this period.

    • Customized documents of Error. When the visitors of your site ask for pages that the Web server cannot locate, this he will generate and show a standard page HTML with an error message. If you wish to create its own pages of error and to use them in its Web server, it selects the square To personalize error documents.
  3. Beam click in OK.


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