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Advanced Professional galleon
  • 4 GB of Space
  • 40 GB Transf. /mes
  • Multi Domain
  • More info
From 8,95
€ /mes
Professional galleon Company
  • 8 GB of Space
  • 80 GB Transf. /mes
  • Multi Domain
  • More info
From 13,95
€ /mes

With 500 Plantillas. You do not have to be an expert to construct your Web!
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Prove it during a month and if you are not satisfied we give back the money to you without questions.
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cases of success

“ the panel of the control is most complete than I have seen… ” More
Simple Easy Fs


Dispodrás of the highest quality of connectivity and guarantee of operation.

anti-virus and antiSpam

Your mail will be protected of virus and post office nonwished.

44 applications free

It includes in your Web the applications that prevail in Internet: Forums, Blogs, managers of contents ….


You will administer your newspaper in line and you will be able to create an interactive community with WordPress, B2Evolution…

Management of the site
personalizable Control Panel plesk
Personalizable Control Panel

PLESK is one complete solution of Control Panel used by the hosting suppliers leaders of the market. The Control Panel has been designed to simplify the administration of websites. The Control Panel of PLESK automates a great number of tasks, which allows the users of the service to reduce to the costs and resources at the same time as it increases the yield, efficiency and its satisfaction. More information

FTP manager
Manager of FTP

The form easiest to update your webpage, is using comfortable and fast the service of FTP, with that you will be able to raise and to lower to files between your computer and your site of a easy form.

This service you will have it at any moment accessible, and you will be able to create multiple accounts of FTP so that other people can raise files your Web. You will have so many accounts of FTP, as you the service allows it that you have contracted.

Number of lodged domains
Number of lodged domains

It is the amount of domains that you will be able to manage from your Control Panel Plesk. Each of these domains is managed independently being able to have its own account or data bases of mail, among others functionalities.


Thanks to the subdomains, you will be able to create directions more attractive and easy to remember, for the different sections from your Web. For example, you can create a direction for the section of sales of your webpage.

In Web Hosting of Professional PgeSystems, you will be able to create a limitless number of subdomains.

Alias of domain
Alias of domain

A “ alias of domain ” is an additional domain that aims at the main domain with which you have contracted to the service of Web Hosting. A very common use is to have a domain with its different extensions, for example,, and to also have I dominate The second domain would aim at first, and with both domains we would see the same page.

statistics of visits and bandwidth
Statistics of visits and bandwidth

In this panel you will find great amount of options and utilities to manage the traffic generated by your website, in pages as much seen, as in consumed bandwidth.

You will have information on the daily visits, hour, types of asked for archives, by directories, since used pages your visitors have arrived, key words used in the finders to arrive at your Web, navigators, origin countries, etc. You will be able to make a totally complete study on your users and their behavior when entering your website.

Also you will be able to accede to utilities that will inform on erroneous connections, bandwidth consumed, statistics on the FTP servant or a report to us on our last visits.

Access to logs

Logs is some files in which the system registers all the events of the system. Thus you will be able to know yet details to all the incidences of your hosting Web.

If what you want is to process you yourself the files log, you can unload them and thus to remove to your own statistics or the information that interest to you more.

pensonalizables pages of error
Personalizables pages of error

From Web Hosting of Professional PgeSystems you will be able to manage the pages of error of your website, so that you can show a warning, being indicated that the page does not exist, when one of your users tries to accede to a nonexistent page.

Protection of directories with password
Protection of directories with password

In your Control Panel, you are going to have an administrator from whom you will be able to put a user and password to a directory, so that who your you decide it only can accede to the contents that are in this folder.

backup copies
Backup copies

By means of our manager, you will be able to generate backup copies of your folders and data bases, to recover them and to lower them to your own computer.

Thanks to its facility of handling, to make backup copies will be a fast and simple task.

Programmer of tasks
Programmer of tasks

This tool serves to carry out tasks that we realised with a certain regularity, as executing programs, updating contents of our Web or to make copies of archives.

Safe way (safe mode)
Safe way (safe mode)

One is a configuration directive of the servant to guarantee the security in the shared servers.

By our policy of security all ours hosting comes formed with the way surely activated (safe mode on).

In case you need to deactivate safe temporarily mode to install a concrete application you can ask for it from the consultation form.

In no case we deactivated the way surely permanently. We are conscious that there are some old applications of open code that they require to have the way surely deactivated (safe mode in off), but we preferred to lose some sales that to put in danger the webpages of all our clients.