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Advanced Professional galleon
  • 4 GB of Space
  • 40 GB Transf. /mes
  • Multi Domain
  • More info
From 8,95
€ /mes
Professional galleon Company
  • 8 GB of Space
  • 80 GB Transf. /mes
  • Multi Domain
  • More info
From 13,95
€ /mes

With 500 Plantillas. You do not have to be an expert to construct your Web!
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44 applications free

It includes in your Web the applications that prevail in Internet: Forums, Blogs, managers of contents ….

Characteristics main

disc space gb
Disc space

It is the space in Megas (Megabyte) that you have assigned in your account to store your archives (documents HTML, images, audio, video, cgi, php, forums, chat, accounts of e-mail…). This space will depend on the plan of Web Hosting that you have chosen to contract.

monthly data transfer
Monthly data transfer

When a usuary one visits your Web, the FTP is used or the e-mail is used, transfers an amount guaranteed of data from our servers to its computer. The sum, throughout a month, of that amount of data denominates Monthly Data transfer.

The capacity of data transfer which you have, will depend on the plan of Web Hosting that you contract. Therefore, at the time of choosing one of them, you must very consider the needs of your Web.

For example: if one of your webpages, between the images and the text that 50 KB contain, occupy and are visited 300 times in a day, the consumption of Bandwidth after a month would be of about 0,45 monthly GB. That without considering that some navigators and suppliers of connection store in their memory copies of the pages, that are those that finally we visualized, and that does not consume bandwidth.

Control Panel plesk in Spanish
Control Panel PLESK in Spanish

The Web Hosting of Professional PgeSystems offers for the management of your domain and your website, the Control Panel the PLESK, most effective and extended in Internet.

With PLESK you will have the total control on your space Web and, among others options, you will have the possibility of managing your accounts of mail, FTP, data bases MySQL, statistics, programming in PHP, Perl, Flash… and many other tools to develop your website.

From the File manager of your Web Hosting in Professional PgeSystems, you will be able to realise all the workings of management of habitual archives in your webpage: to raise, to copy, to erase and to move files, as well as to create folders and to establish permissions for the same (reading, writing and execution). More information.

Operating system Linux
Operating system of the servant

All our servers work with the operating system Linux, that is used in the Web servers by its great reliability. More information.

Private area (management of invoices and contracted services)
Private area (management of invoices and contracted services)

In Professional PgeSystems you will have your own area to the administrative management of the contracted services (lapsing of your hosting, domains, invoices) and will have stored the most important notifications so that you can consult them at any time.

Guarantee of 30 days
Guarantee of 30 days

In order to demonstrate the security to you that we have in the quality of our services, we offer in all our packages a guarantee of 30 days. If during this period you are not satisfied with the service that you have contracted, you can ask for the return of the amount that you phelp.

This guarantee of return does not include the domain. In case of to have contracted to a domain next to the service of hosting Web, will give back to the amount of the hosting but not therefore the one of the domain. More information